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a kingdom hearts roleplay.

vitiatus → a kingdom hearts roleplay.
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One year has passed since Sora’s last mission to seal the keyholes and life on Destiny Islands has never been sweeter. As is the case with most good things, however, the end has dawned upon this newly salvaged peace. Fate is determinedly cruel that way, and what a violent web she weaves, but do not be fooled—she is naught more than a secondary force in this grand scheme. The true puppet master is none other than Darkness. It encroaches upon the sanctity of the pure soul, facilitates the shadows of the debased. Making nightmares of your dreams, it attempts to unravel you at the seams.

It haunts you, it taunts you, it ensnares you because it wants you.

The war has begun again. And this time… Darkness means serious business. It will take no prisoners, only soldiers, and whether you know it or like it—you have just been drafted.

Now, we know what you’re thinking… Some of you have survived death, saved your worlds from ultimate destruction, shaped the future in the image of peace. Why should you be forced to suffer now? Just remember, the closer you get to the light, the greater your shadow becomes. The battle is never over. One must always fight to protect their light, but for reasons that escape you… you feel that light has begun to dim.

But remember this, Even in the deepest darkness, there will always be a light to guide you. So, the question thus becomes: will you be able to rescue it in time or will you succumb to the darkness within…?

Welcome to your Deep Dive.